Would You like to Conquer Food Addiction Forever?

At last, there’s someone who understands the hell of food addiction …

and can help you overcome it, using the New Science of Kindness

James Hardiman–Food Addict

Dear fellow food addict, 
How would you like to be able to:
  • Eat whatever you like,
  • Eat as much as you like,
  • Eat whenever you like,
  • … and be slim, fit, and healthy?

It is possible: keep reading and I’ll explain how.

Are you surrounded by caring people who show a deep understanding of what it’s like being addicted to over-eating? I suspect the answer is “no”! 

Unless they’ve been there, no one understands the hell of food addiction; it’s the Cinderella of human problems.

The Hell of Food Addiction

Somehow being an alcoholic, a gambler, or a crack-head is more “romantic” and people want to help. Food addicts are just seen as fatties with no will-power and no self-control. Even the medical establishment has, by and large, given up on us, because they don’t know what to do. We “fatties” are just “non-compliant patients” (which is medical speak for we don’t do as we’re told). After all, being over-weight isn’t really an illness, is it? Not like alcoholism. People say this despite the fact that the co-morbidities of obesity (the other illnesses caused by obesity, like heart-disease, kidney disease, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.) cost thousands of lives and billions of pounds every year. 

Have you tried to loose weight, only to give up, or, worse, lose all the weight, and then put it all back on again as soon as life serves up a problem? Me too. Have you tried manifesting what you truly want, only to see it arrive, and then slip from your grasp?

Fat Bloke: May 2009

Slimmer Bloke–Sept 2009

Food addiction is the most difficult of addictions to conquer, because we can’t go cold turkey; we have to eat to live. Alcoholics will tell you how tough it is getting dry; let them try it if they had to drink a whisky a day just to survive!

Do you, like me, get drowned in advice as soon as you say you’re trying to lose weight? Do this diet, join that group, read my book?

Like we aren’t intelligent people who know what we should do. We don’t need more nutrition information, more exercise information, more stories about how aunty Flo lost 50 lbs in a fortnight and never looked back. We’ve tried all the diets, read all the books; all we’re left with is the thought that there’s something wrong with us. We’re morally deficient or something.

Nothing seems to work, does it?

And that’s right: nothing does work for us because something in our brains has got wired up back to front, so that anything that should help has the opposite effect. Diets make us fatter. Stuff to make us happier makes us sadder. Things to improve our self-esteem make us more likely to put ourselves down. The Law of Attraction seems to repel. Nothing works.  But there is an answer!

We Can Re-Wire our Brains!

It’s not that we’re mad or bad. It’s not that we’re “just unlucky”. We are psychologically reversed and insufficiently integrated. Our brains got wired up back to front. Things that should have got wired together didn’t. And some that shouldn’t, did. We weren’t born that way; something in our lives has scrambled us.

But don’t worry, there are answers. Some have been around for 20-30 years, others came from the “decade of the brain”. But until now no-one realised how they applied to us. When we conquer psychological reversal, when we apply the latest findings of neuro-psychology, suddenly the diets do work, we do get happier, healthy foods are truly attractive, and the foods that attract us now will appear in their true light: fun for a treat, but poison on a long-term basis. And all this without any effort, because all the effort comes from fighting ourselves. And that’s a fight that we just can’t win.

How would it feel right now to know how to finally stop fighting yourself? Would that feel good? Would it feel freeing?

“The Final Pieces in the Weight-Loss Puzzle” is your starter guide to learning how to Live Free From Obesity, completely and forever, and if you sign up here, I’ll gladly send you a copy, for free, because I want to massively increase the number of people in the world who understand, and can overcome, the hell of food addiction (and other addictions, too).

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Why The Free Book?

By the winter of 2009 I was reasonably fit and healthy, and depression was, by and large, a thing of the past—but it wasn’t always that way. Six months earlier I was morbidly obese, type II diabetic, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aching joints, and I couldn’t walk a mile. And I hated exercise.

I found a brilliant solution.

Within 12 weeks I’d walked 175 miles, 15.5 miles in one day. My diabetes had gone, my BP and cholesterol were normal, and I’d banished depression. I lost about 100lbs (45kg, 7 stones). Would that be of benefit to you? Of course it would!

But the trouble is, I haven’t conquered the food addiction yet. I haven’t re-wired my brain. And now I’ve put back quite a lot of that weight, and fried breakfasts look just as good as they ever did, especially with chips, and chocolate sauce on the ice cream.

So why should you listen to me?

The Magic Ingredient in the Weight-Loss Formula

I realised that it isn’t the fat on your belly, the fat on your bum, or the fat on your boobs that’s the real problem, it’s the fat on your brain! I have spent the last two years scouring the scientific literature, combining my own 35 years of experience in the personal change world with the absolute latest findings of neuro-science and the “New Science of Kindness”. And now I’m as sure as I can be that I know the secret. I have the magic formula. But I can’t use the magic formula yet, because I’m missing the most important ingredient of all.

And that is you!

May I tell you my story? It’s a bit long; I’ll try and keep it as short as I can, but it’s important for you to understand “where I’m coming from” if we’re to help each other conquer food addiction forever.

Back in 2003, in the space of a week, my love left me, my business collapsed, and my landlady said I had to move out, because they were selling up. With no money, and no income, I wound up living in the attic of my ex-wife’s house. It was, without doubt, one of the lower points of my life.

I was watching daytime TV one afternoon, while lying on the sofa contemplating different ways of ending it all (I told you I was low!) when they featured a very strange therapy: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). My best friend, Richard, had told me about EFT some time previously, but it sounded so weird that I dismissed it out of hand. (“You tap on your face, and you get better? Yeah, right, Richard!”) And yet here it was, on the telly, curing people of a variety of phobias and other conditions.

I was so desperate; I had nothing to lose. I called Richard, ate humble pie (four slices, with whipped cream), downloaded a bunch of stuff from the internet and gave it a try. It saved my life.

The Power of Tapping

I got trained as an EFT practitioner (I went to the people I’d seen on TV), as well as a number of other “Energy Psychologies” and in the course of my training met Susan, a world expert in Energy Psychology, fell in love with her, and married her! We met on August 8th, got engaged on September 21st, and got married the following mid-summer. So phooey on the lover who left!

So what are the benefits of EFT, or Tapping as it’s called now?

  • It’s easy; anyone can do it,
  • It works on a wide range of problems,
  • It has no nasty side effects,
  • It’s a “Martini” therapy (you can do it any time, any place, any where!)
  • It’s cheap, or even free.

I have helped dozens of people using tapping, and Susan, who is a professional counsellor and psychotherapist, regularly uses it with many of her clients.

And yet I’m still addicted to food!

I’m not selling this to you, am I? Bear with me.

Correcting Psychological Reversal

The man who first discovered tapping, Dr Roger Callahan, also discovered psychological reversal. There is a physical test that you can do, called “muscle testing” that can reveal what’s going on for people subconsciously. Callahan discovered that, for many addicted people, while they consciously wanted to overcome their addiction, subconsciously they didn’t. They were, as he called it, “psychologically reversed”. He invented a process that fixes psychological reversal, and back in 2003, that process was what helped me the most.

But there’s a Catch-22.

Psychologically reversed people are the worst people in the world to keep doing whatever it is that will help them, precisely because they are psychologically reversed!

The correction for psychological reversal works, but it usually doesn’t keep on working, because our own subconscious willpower works against us. We need something else, outside of ourselves. We need another person, or other people, who can help. And the only person who can really help a food addict is someone who really understands food addiction. And the only person who really understands food addiction is another food addict. Am I beginning to make sense?

I recently bought an App for my iPad that teaches tapping to cure food cravings. It doesn’t even mention psychological reversal!

Why not?

Because the experts behind the program (and they really are experts; I know them and have great respect for them) are slim and healthy people who have never been addicted to food (or anything else) in their lives.

Can We Do it?  Together We Can!

We addicts are universally rubbish at looking after ourselves, but, given the right training, we’re brilliant at looking after other people. Usually that’s a one-way street that leaves us drained—but here’s the clever part; we help each other. I will provide the energy and focus that you need to overcome psychological reversal, just as long as you do the same for me.


Here comes the last part of my story (I promise!)

Thirty one years ago I discovered, got trained in, and became an expert in a special way of working with people. It became vitally important for me. It took me from being stupid (I was always bottom of the class at school) to “recovering” my intelligence: I now have a Master of Philosophy degree from the School of Management at the University of Bath and 10 years PhD research under my belt. And it’s all down to the way I learned to work back then—with groups of people, trained to work together, to help each other, to our mutual advantage.

Now I’m bringing together all of these different strands into a framework that I call “Together We Can”, and, in this instance, what it is that we Can Do Together is to Rewire Our Brains to overcome psychological reversal, to overcome, once and for all, food addiction.

If you are ready to conquer food addiction, for life, here’s what you have to do.

  1. Sign up for the free e-book, “The Final Pieces in the Weight-Loss Puzzle”. (I’ll send it to you straight away),
  2. Get the hard copy of the booklet, to keep with you at all times (and I’ll also send you the extra bonus chapter, that tells you how we can rewire our brain, and grow new brain cells, to help overcome things that have happened to us during our lives, using the New Science of Kindness),
  3. Be prepared to attend workshops to learn how to give and receive help,
  4. Work with a small group of people (and that includes me) until we are all free of food addiction, FOREVER!
  5. Meet to work face-to-face, and also via internet conferencing.

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Here’s my guarantee to you: if you read the book, and join with me, we will conquer food addiction, together, forever. We will enjoy healthy foods, and just be able to ignore the unhealthy options. Life will be so much easier when food is a pleasure; a support to our healthy lives, and not a 24/7 preoccupation.

Oh, and, I should just add that, in 1974, I was a 30-a-day smoker, and had been for 10 years. I stopped in three weeks, flat.

Nowadays I never even think about it. I do have first-hand experience of dealing with my own addictions, and I have helped serious alcoholics become free, too.

If you are ready to become free from your food addiction, act TODAY. I only have room for 36 people in this first group, and until I have completely overcome my own addiction, I won’t work with more than one group. Membership of this first group will be at hugely reduced rates, because I am donating my own time and expertise, COMPLETELY FREE: however, once we have 36 addiction-free graduates of the group, membership will be much more expensive! And if you, having achieved freedom yourself, would like to help others, you will be eligible to join the Together We Can training program.

There are hundreds of millions of food-addicted people in the world. Snap up your opportunity to be one of the very, very few who will be there at the beginning of Together We Can Live Free From Obesity.

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Sign up NOW: take the first step today.




PS: Don’t forget:

  • This offer is only for the first 36 people to sign up,
  • It’s a radically new combination of new science with tried and tested methods,
  • You will be working with people who truly understand what it’s like, because they are in the same place as you,
  • You will be helping other people to break the chains of this addiction,
  • You will be there at the beginning of a world revolution.


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PPS: At the beginning of this letter, I asked how would you like to be able to:

  • Eat whatever you like,
  • Eat as much as you like,
  • Eat whenever you like,
  • … and still be slim, fit, and healthy?

… and I said I’d tell you how. It’s simple. You change what you like. When we use the New Science of Kindness to rewire our brains, then we no longer eat because we’re lonely, frightened, sad, or in a hypnotic trance from TV ads. All that stuff has been dealt with, and now we eat what our healthy bodies ask for, and we find it delicious. We eat just as much as our healthy bodies want, and we feel satisfied. And we eat when we’re physically hungry, not when we’re emotionally needy, because we’ve learned to listen to our bodies, and we’ve learned more healthy ways of dealing with the rubbish that life throws up at us.

It won’t happen overnight, but not only is the outcome kind, so is the journey. Don’t you owe it to yourself, and those who love you, to at least take the first step?

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PPPS: Since the book came out, we’ve discovered even more amazing stuff to help us get free from obesity, and stay free from obesity forever.  Sign up now, and we’ll also send you the FREE extra Bonus Chapter, just as soon as it comes off the press!

© Copyright 2012 James Hardiman

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