Here is a quick index to the most popular blog articles:

Medical Help Low Carb / Paleo / Primal / Ketogenic doctors
Books A Weigh for Geeks to Stop Weighting?
Children On Chubby Children
China Study If Low Carb Diets are so good, how do we explain The China Study?
Cholesterol Is There Good and Bad Cholesterol?
Cholesterol On Statins, Cholesterol and the Like
Cholesterol Some more one-pagers to hand to medics The above two pages, plus “Behind The Label of Flora pro-activ
Community / Addiction Let us love you …
Community / Support Brené Brown
Community / Emotions Working with Energy
Community / Support The Art of Listening
Diets: Do they work? Do Diets Work? Jon Gabriel says “no”, but I don’t agree!
Diets: Do they work? On Diets and whether they work
Exercise The Truth About Exercise
Exercise Will Exercise Make You Lose Weight?
Fat The Truth About Fat?
Food Grass-Fed Butter
Food Easy Paleo/Keto Mayonnaise
Food Keto Rolls and Bread
Food Paleo Chocolate
Food Recipes: Quick and Easy Mayo, Paleo Frittata, James’ Salsa
Food Is it safe to eat bacon?
Goal setting Holistic Management: A Way to Save The World (and get loads of grass-fed beef)?
History The Men Who Made Us Fat
Ketogenic What is a Ketogenic Diet, in a nutshell?
Ketogenic A Guide to Ketosis
Ketogenic What is the Ketogenic Diet Good For?
Ketogenic Tips for Starting and Restarting Ketosis
Ketogenic On Ketogenic Diets
Ketogenic How to Use the Keto Calculator
Ketogenic Ketone Testing
Ketogenic A one-page intro to Ketogenic Diets, to hand to medical sceptics
Ketogenic 203 Comments on Mark Maunder’s “Basic Ketogenic Diet”
Measurements Is the Body-Mass Index a load of rubbish?
Micro nutrients What the well-dressed calorie is wearing
Micro nutrients Which avocados are best for paleo?
Nutritional advice, making sense of it How do we know what we know? Judging Nutritional Advice
Obesity as a problem Jamie’s American Food Revolution
Obesity as a problem Is Obesity Really a Problem?
Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Paleo/Primal/Low-Carb/Weight Loss/Fitness Facebook Pages
Science What is Science? And Do All Diets Work? Or Any Diets? And Why? Or Why Not?
Science God or Science? There’s no question
Sugar and Sweeteners On Sweeteners, Natural and Artificial
Sugar and Sweeteners The Truth About Sugar
Taubes, Gary Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes
Taubes, Gary and Peter Attia Peter Attia, The Eating Academy, and the Nutrition Science Initiative
Vegetarian Nutritional Quackery
Vegetarian Vegetarian or Carnivore? You choose!
Weight Loss, Rapid Why I Like Rapid Weight Loss (and how I do it)

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