I am not a happy bunny today:I just found the Keto Diet App.

It had been my plan to build an app like this and make a fortune.  But unfortunately for me, the gorgeous Martina and her handsome bloke, Nikos, have beaten me to it.  There are a few features that I was going to put in my app that aren’t in theirs, so maybe I’ll beat them yet.

But probably not, because their app does pretty much everything you would want a Keto Diet app to do.

I do have a few niggles, so let’s get them out of the way first.

It’s not the cheapest app you ever bought, and it has in-app purchases.  However, I decided to go all out, bought the app, and all of the in-app options and my total outlay was £9.75, and for what I got, that really is pretty good value.

However, here’s my first serious niggle.  I bought the app for my iPad (it’s a much better app on the iPad: for the iPhone it’s simpler and only £2.49).  But I have an iPad and an iPhone.  I’m used to buying for one and being able to run on either.  Having lashed out the best part of ten quid, I really don’t want to spend another £2.50 for the iPhone version.

And my wife has an iPhone, too.  It would be really useful if we could share meal plans and shopping lists between the three devices.  (Damn!  I’m giving away my ideas.)

Well, those are my current major niggles.  Here’s what the app will do for you.

Keto Calculator

Keto App Calc

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