My life has been turned upside down the last couple of days.  Normally each day brings doom and gloom as we learn of yet another indication of global warming, yet another GMO crop, yet another US state passing a law that says someone can fiddle with our food without telling us.

And then I came across a TED-talk that I think is the most inspiring and exciting thing I ever heard.


This man has developed a management method which he calls Holistic Management:

Holistic management describes a systems thinking approach to managing resources that builds biodiversity, improves production, generates financial strength, enhances sustainability, and improves the quality of life for those who use it.


At the same time it saves failing farms financially, it reverses “desertification”, it improves the soil, increases bio-diversity, improves rivers and streams, and sequesters (stores) carbon from the atmosphere into the ground!

On this next video at 1’55″ an Australian farmer describes how her farm was around $750,000 in debt.  She says:

Since we started holistic management we have increased our profitability by 20-30% per year.

They are now out of debt.


If we still have your attention, take 45 minutes to watch this next video: it gives a whole series of case studies:


If you’re like me you’ll want to know more.  Have a look at two relevant websites:

There is a whole bunch of free material that you can download from HMI’s downloads page.

And if you really get excited, you can order the two books from Amazon!


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My mind is spinning with ways to get involved: to help.  There are thousands of people concerned with ancestral / primal / paleo / low-carb nutrition.  Here’s a man saying that the way to save the world from global warming is to produce grass-fed beef.  What’s not to like?

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