A couple of weeks ago I needed to see the diabetic nurse at my GP Practice.  Expecting that she wouldn’t have heard of the Ketogenic Diet, I produced a one-page introduction that I (and you) can download and print out.  It’s here, if you would like it: A One-page Intro to Ketogenic Diets to hand to medical sceptics.

She had a look at my recent blood results: (you’re welcome to have a look if you’re interested: Blood Results James Hardiman 2013 07 03) and said my cholesterol was high and handed me a highly-coloured sheet of advice for people with high cholesterol.  I was going to scan it, but it’s too much of a hassle, for no benefit to anyone.  If you want to know what Flora Pro-Activ say about cholesterol, and themselves, try their website.  I was shocked at this blatant commercialism, getting my health professional to push their stuff, especially when it tells me to eat bread spread with margarine as a “heart-healthy diet”.

I whinged about it on Facebook and a good friend came back to me with a link to an article in the Ecologist: “Behind the label: Flora Pro-Activ“.  By now I was pretty unhappy, so I have made that article into a printable one-pager, together with one-pagers from two of my own blog posts: Is There Good and Bad Cholesterol? and On Statins, Cholesterol and the Like.  To download these articles, right-click on the link below and choose Save As.

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