Basic Mathematics of Weight Loss

This spreadsheet does the basic calculations, showing Basic Metabolic Rate, Daily Calorie Requirements, etc.  It doesn’t take into account the fact that each day that you lose weight, your rate of weight-loss will change, because you are lighter.  See the Daily Record spreadsheet below to do that.

This spreadhseet has four sheets, to cover both men and women, and people working in lbs and inches and those working in metric units.

You can download the spreadsheet by right-clicking this link and choosing “Save As” (or whatever your browser says).

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The spreadsheet looks like this (this is just a picture, but you can use it as a download link, too).  There is a video further down this page to show how o use the spreadsheet.

You just fill in the Weight, Height, Age, and fitness factor boxes (they have red lines round them, and the spreadsheet won’t let you type in any other box), and, down the bottom, it shows you how much you have to lose, and how long, if you stick to the LFFO programme, it will take to lose it.

Note: I have found this to be pretty accurate, but don’t hold me to the exact day!

Daily Record Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet lets you set up your personal data, and it will calculate your expected daily weight loss, and show you when you should expect to finish.  It does take into account that each day you will have lost weight and hence each day your rate of weight loss will reduce.  It also produces a chart.

There are two separate spreadsheets, one for men and one for women.

Download the women’s spreadsheet here.  (For downloading instructions, see the Basic Maths Spreadsheet at the beginning of this page.)

Download the men’s spreadsheet here.

Here’s what the sheet looks like (don’t worry that it looks a bit complicated, there’s a video further down, explaining it all).

and here’s what the graph looks like:

How to Work the Basic Maths Spreadsheet

Here’s a video that walks you through how to use the basic maths spreadsheet.


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