Here’s another BBC Horizon programme, investigating fat and obesity.  Interesting stuff but a lot of it gets me mad!  The only obese person they spoke to was just about to go for gastric bypass surgery … and that’s an option you may not want to take:

People undergoing weight loss surgery typically do so because they believe it will save their life … but according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, you have a one in 50 chance of dying within 30 days of gastric bypass surgery.  And if your surgeon isn’t experienced, your risk is even higher. Within the surgeon’s first 19 procedures, the odds of death within 30 days were 4.7 times higher!

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But it’s their investigation of the effects of the hunger and satiety hormones, ghrelin and leptin that is most interesting, and which gets me most mad.  Their conclusions (that obese people don’t respond to leptin and ghrelin like non-obese people, and that’s why “they are hungry all the time”) are so grossly unscientific.  If these “scientists” would go and talk to obese people,  they’d discover that most of us are never hungry.  We quite often miss being hungry!

[simpleazon-image align="right" asin="0380718723" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="128"]So why do we eat if we’re not hungry?  Well, Dr Roger Callaghan  has an interesting book with exactly that title: Why Do I Eat When I’m Not Hungry?  He puts it down to anxiety, and I think I go along with him.  The latest neuro-science research would probably support it, too.  Basically, it’s because we’re addicted, and that’s a long subject.

Anyway, “flame off” for now and there is interesting stuff in the programme, so watch “The Truth About Fat” here on BBC iPlayer. (no longer available, but here’s an interesting insight:


I did find their research with identical twins interesting, where they had a genetic pre-disposition to obesity, but only one twin of the pair had expressed that gene.  There’s an interesting piece of research that I saw reported on the Ordnance Survey maps website (“Regular walks can cut obesity gene in half”) that reports some research showing that walking can reduce your probability of the “obese gene” expressing itself by 50%, by regular walking.

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  • James says:

    … since I posted this I have been studying Robert Lustig’s stuff about sugar (see next post).

    It caused me to dig further into this “obese people are always hungry because they are grehlin insensitive”.

    It looks much more likely that it’s the other way round (talk to obese people: most of them are never hungry.

    Instead it’s they are insensitive to leptin, which means that they don’t get the satiety signals. This ties in much more with the experience that I experience and that other obese friends report to me: “once I start eating I can’t stop”.

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