It’s world wide.

Well, the books and the internet course, the website, the Facebook page and the Facebook support groups are all worldwide (at the moment, that’s limited to the English-speaking world).

I will go to wherever there are enough people to make a viable physical group, who are willing to cover my and their costs.

In the summer (roughly April to November) I live in the south of England, and my car is cheap to run!

In the winter (December to March) I live in central Florida (near Orlando) and the same applies: you can come to me, or you can cover my expenses to come to you.

If you want me to travel further afield, I am happy to do that, just as long as my expenses are covered.

By the end of 2014 I will be charging for my time, as well as my expenses.

At the moment (August 2013) it costs nothing.

I am currently writing two books, and they don’t have a price yet, but if you “join” me now, you will be a “beta tester” of those books.

I am developing an online course, that will teach all about nutrition, and how to cook the various foods.  I don’t have a price for that, either, but for a sample of things that you can cook, check out:

(I’d love it if you’d read/watch both of those, try out the recipes, and tell me what you think.)

And, of course, I’m developing the course where we all get together and learn to support one another.  The first one of those that runs will be free (except for accommodation costs).  The sooner you express interest, and commitment, the sooner your name will be on the “free” list for that course.

Or you can wait a couple of years, and but the books from Amazon, the course off of the internet, and pay full price for the residential course.  You chose!

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