Yes, see “How can I join a Live Free From Obesity group?

Some people seem to be able to do this whole “getting lean and fit” thing all by themselves, with no more help than you’d get from a book.

I’m not one of them, and, if you’ve asked this question then I guess that you aren’t, either!

We can join groups in several ways.  Firstly, and most easily, there are a lot of Facebook groups that provide help and assistance.  Here are three that I work with regularly with the ketogenic diet:

There is also a smaller, more private (closed) Facebook Group called Together We Can Weightloss.  Click that link, and ask to join, and send me a message using the contact form, telling me your real name and your Facebook name, and I will approve you becoming a member.

That group will have more personal questions and more emotional and psychological stuff (the mechanics of low-carb dieting are massively covered elsewhere).

Lastly, I will be running physical groups where we all get together under the same roof, in order to establish new friendships, new support networks, new habits, and new lifestyles.

Let me know that you’re interested, and I’ll make sure that you know when that happens.

When these groups are running regularly, they will probably be quite expensive.  The first few will be much lower cost (basically just covering overheads) until the model is refined and we know how well it works.

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